the natural way to experience sound

Wavy is the difference between listening to a recording and hearing the world.

Wavy is an object based, realtime and scalable audio technology.

Instead of mixing audio to a fixed channel medium, Wavy maps your sounds to virtual positions. So whether you playback on stereo, surround or even a stadium with 80 speakers, we'll always get the absolute most out of your system.

The Wavy algorithms is realtime. Making it the ideal for live interaction.

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The scalable capabilities make Wavy the perfect system for live performances.

What we offer

The core of Wavy is the algorithm, which is used to produce Wavy Audio.

We offer software applications, hardware and custom solutions for a true immersive audio experience.

Want to experience, develop or co-operate

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Wavy Gaming enables integration with any gaming system.

How to get started?

The scalable capabilities of Wavy DJ make Wavy the perfect system to easily jump into the world of Wavy. Come by our studio in Amsterdam for a demo experience with exciting technologies including Wavy Sound and the Wavy Wand. Or download the VST and support software and start building your own experience right away.

When you are ready to start using Wavy in production, it is best to contact us to explain your use case and discuss the options. Wavy can be modified and customised to suit your needs.

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