You are in the middle of a forest. The leaves are rustling in the wind. Where is that rustling sound coming from? From everywhere. It is around you.

Human hearing is complex. It has been studied for decades in a field called psychoacoustics. Wavy combines that knowledge with years of proprietary research with one simple goal. To accurately reproduce localized sounds. In other words, to deliver true immersion. It took us fifteen years, seven patents, dozens of partners and equally many prototypes, but we believe we have pulled it off.

What is Wavy?

Wavy is an object based audio technology. It ditches the central concept of audio channels. It ditches the concept of statically placed loudspeakers.

Because Wavy is object based, it is setup agnostic. Regardless of where you've put your loudspeakers, Wavy will produce create the optimal experience. This solves a huge problem with existing immersive setups (3.1, 5.1, etc).

Bercause Wavy is object based, it is scalable. A Wavy file can be played in a home environment with 6 speakers, but that same file can be played in a football stadium with 80 speakers. There's no need for studio engineers to re-render the tracks.

Existing immersive setups

Every existing "immersive" audio system, such as 5.1, requires a very specific setup to work properly. This is a problem. In audio reproduction, timing is important. An incorrectly set up 5.1 system will not provide the immersive experience content creators try to deliver.

Wavy does not care about loudspeaker placement. The user tells it where the speakers are located. The system handles the rest. Wavy dynamically makes sure you get the optimal experience on any setup.